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8501 Hampton Boulevard , norfolk (virginia) , us , va 23505
city center: 5.7 Mi
Naval Base Perks
Hampton Inn Norfolk Naval Base is geared to military perks and chargeless advantages. Great Bar and Restaurant, soft beds with big TV, good room servi...


6280 Northampton Boulevard , virginia , us , va 23502
city center: 4.7 Mi
Pool Better for the Kids
The pool looked awful last year at Quality Suites Lake Wright Norfolk (Virginia), room good and cheap. We needed that and a place lo left the kids run...
Very good: 3.8
37 Reviews


1387 N Military Hwy , norfolk , us , va 23502
city center: 3.7 Mi
Very good: 3.9
14 Reviews


4200 Norfolk Avenue , norfolk , us , va 68701
city center: 3 Mi


1001 West Omaha Avenue , nebraska , us , va NE 68701
city center: 0.7 Mi


777 Waterside Drive , norfolk (virginia) , us , va 23510
city center: 1 Mi
Very good: 3.8
211 Reviews


245 Granby Street , norfolk (virginia) , us , va 23510
city center: 1 Mi
Added Fees for Business
Tazewell Hotel and Suites, an Ascend Collection Hotel didn’t have the usual prints but original artwork and Greco-Crown molding. I walked to the park...
Very good: 3.9
35 Reviews


1503 Holland Rd , norfolk , us , va 23434

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Virginia Zoo
Ted Constant Convocation Center
Lake Taylor Hospital
Cypress Point Country Club
Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center
Atlantic Ocean Beaches
Parks and Gardens
Norfolk Botanical Garden
Educational Institutions
Old Dominion University
Hermitage Foundation Museum
Norfolk Intl. Airport (ORF)