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Via Richel Eugenio Rubichi 3 , lecce , it , 73100
city center: 0 Mi


Corte Dei Guarini 11 , lecce , it , 73100
city center: 0.2 Mi


Via Leonardo Prato, 7 , lecce , it , 73100
city center: 0.2 Mi


Via Monte Grappa N° 4 , lecce , it , 73100
city center: 0.7 Mi


Viale Marche 19 , lecce , it , 73100
city center: 0.7 Mi


Via Marco Basseo 29/31 , lecce , it , 73100
city center: 0.3 Mi

Via Salandra 6, Lecce , salento , it , 73100
city center: 64.2 Mi
Very good: 4.0
1 Reviews


Via Monteroni 119 - Zona Bellavista , lecce , it , 73100
city center: 1.7 Mi

About Lecce

"Lecce is an opulent and classy city, dubbed the Florence of the South of Italy. Located in the Apulia region, Lecce is in a perfect location to have both tourists of its own, and tourists passing through the city on their way to neighbouring regions. As tourism is such a popular part of life here, the hotels in Lecce are designed for luxury and comfort and there are numerous types of accommodation to suit your individual budget.
This city still remains fairly low key, even in summer, as many of its visitors are those looking for a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful surroundings, and a proud heritage. Lecce Hotels are mainly baroque in style, and have lush rooms and a wide choice of facilities including pools, fine dining and spas.
There is much to see and do in the city, particularly with the ‘PATH’ project which ensures its visitors try their hand at a number of local things, including hiking and biking, wine tasters, and private cookery classes.
If history is your thing then you’ll find many of the hotels in Lecce are within close proximity to the city Cathedral, The Holy Cross Church and the Paisiello Theatre."

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Arco di Trionfo
Castello di Lecce
Chiesa dei Santi Nicolo e Cataldo
Church of the Holy Cross
City Centre Gallipoli
City Centre Lecce
City Centre Otranto
City Centre Porto Cesareo
Paisiello Theatre
Piazzetta Sigismondo Castromediano
Parks and Gardens
Torre del Parco
Stadium and Arenas
Stadio Via del Mare
Piazza Sant'Oronzo