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With prontohotel you can find cheap London hotels, what restaurants to eat at, how the transportation system works, and even curiosities in regards to culture and trends. This London City Guide helps you know more about where you are going and in this way ensures some awareness of what to expect in London

Areas in London


The borough of Westminster represents the heart of greater London as it is the center of Great Britain’s political life. Packed with some of London’s biggest attractions, Westminster is technically a city in and of itself, but joined together with the ancient city of London to the east, it makes up the capital city that millions of visitors come to visit every year. Named after the famous Abbe...

Endless Entertainment in Covent Garden

A trip to London wouldn’t be complete without spending time in Covent Garden. Known for its shopping, markets, and street performers, Covent Garden is a neighborhood where Londoners come out to play. Get ready to join in on the fun! Covent Garden is shared by two London districts: Westminster and Camden, both of which are popular with locals and visitors alike. The heart of Covent Garden...

The City of London

London is a huge metropolis, made up of 33 boroughs extending on either side of the River Thames. Filling those boroughs are 8.1 million people, traveling to and from work every day on the city’s elaborate Tube system and iconic double-decker buses. Of those 33 boroughs, though, there are two that attract the most visitors: The City and Westminster. The City is the core of London’s financial ...

South Bank

Located on the opposite side of the River Thames from The City, Westminster, and the other neighborhoods of London popular with tourists, the South Bank is a cultural hot spot, with some of the most interesting and revolutionary developments both architecture- and entertainment-wise. Formerly a highly-industrial area, the South Bank began morphing into its current state in 1951 when the Festiva...

Kensington and Chelsea

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (aka RBKC) is the heart of contemporary London. Stretching from Chelsea on the River Thames through Notting Hill and North Kensington, RBKC is one of the most posh and luxurious areas in London, known for its beautiful squares, expensive residences, and world-renowned shopping. The district is known for its large Victorian and Georgian homes that are d...

Events in London

Christmas in London

Just the phrase “Christmas in London” conjures up so many images of a hustling and bustling city as revelers peer into misty window displays, carry nicely-wrapped packages on their way to a party, passing groups of carolers making their way from door to door to spread some holiday cheer. Simply turning a corner can seemingly transport you from a busy street, lined with double-decker buses to a Di...

The Notting Hill Carnival

On the last weekend of August, the charming London neighborhood of Notting Hill is overtaken by a swarm of bright costumes, glittery floats, and steel drums as The Notting Hill Carnival rolls through. This giant street fair has been going strong since 1964, when Caribbean immigrants, mainly from Trinidad and Tobago, sought a way to heal a racially-divided community by sharing their traditions, fo...

Ringing in the New Year in London

One of London’s biggest annual celebrations also helps ring in the New Year. After midnight fireworks over the Thames River, 500,000 people line the streets of London and millions more watch around the globe as 10,000 performers from 20 different counties take center stage during the London New Year’s Day Parade. Since 1987, London’s West End has hosted a lively parade full of local and intern...

Events in London

Aside from the standard London attractions like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey , the Tower of London, and the Tate Modern, London is the host to special events throughout the year, the most recent highlight being the 2012 Olympic Games. While all of London’s events are worth checking out, here are a few not to miss: The annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run is over 100 years old, making it the ...

When to Go in London

Fall and Winter in London

It’s true. It rains a lot in London. Especially during late fall. While September and October are pleasant and sunny with spots of warmth, November is the city’s wettest month with an average of 2½ inches falling and low temperatures, though it rarely gets colder than 35° F (2° C). On the up side, iffy weather means that visiting London is cheap! From November to the beginning of December and...

Spring and Summer in London

Spring and summer in London bring a break in the clouds of autumn and winter as sunshine starts to poke through, bringing the city to life. From baby animals at the London Zoo to flowers at Kew Gardens, plus countless concerts, festivals, and markets, London thrives in spring and summer, drawing locals out of their homes and tourists from across the globe to enjoy the city’s sights, gardens, and ...

What to See in London

London’s Must-See Attractions

London is a city bursting with history, traditions, culture, and attractions. With so many options for so many different tastes, it can be difficult to plan an itinerary that includes all of the best highlights of the British capital. We’ve come up with a list of must-visit attractions for first-time travelers to London. Using this guide, you’ll make your way around London’s most historical and...

London's Parks and Gardens

London is one of the busiest cities on the planet, with 8.2 billion people working in nearly every industry imaginable, all while obeying the rules of both the monarchy and the government, plus driving on the opposite side of the road! With so much going on, Londoners need places to relax, and lucky for you, many of the parks and gardens across the city are also perfect for catching a break in be...

Changing of the Guard Ceremonies

Some of the most iconic images of London are the tall, red-clad, tall black hat-wearing soldiers standing guard at some of the city’s royal buildings. Every day (depending on the season), these solemn soldiers take part in a Changing of the Guard ceremony at both Buckingham Palace and Horse Guards Parade. While there are similar ceremonies elsewhere around London and the UK, these two are the mo...

Transportations in London

Outside of The Tube: London’s Other Modes of Transportation

In addition to London’s famous underground metro system, called The Tube, there are also plenty of other ways to get around the city, all of which utilize the same Oyster Card fare system. Prices are based off of zones, so depending upon how far you plan to travel, fares will increase accordingly. Depending upon which area of London you choose to stay in and do most of your exploring, you may be...

Traveling London’s Famous Underground Tube

London is one of the world’s easiest cities to get around via public transportation, namely due to its extensive underground metro service, world-famously known as The Tube. The first and longest underground railway in the world, The Tube has 270 stations and some 400 kilometers of tracks. Despite 55% of its network being above the ground, The Tube gets its nickname from the circular, tube-lik...

Things to Do in London

Other Things to Do in London

You’ve checked the major points off of your sights to see in London list, but you still have time during your trip to take a closer look at the British capital. After all, there’s a lot more to this city of 8.2 million than Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye. With even just one more day to spare, check out this list of top London activities to get an insider’s look at the British capi...

Year-Round Ice Skating and Other Fun Activities

While gliding around on a sheet of ice normally conjures up images of a snowy winter or a picturesque Christmas scene, ice skating in London is a popular activity all year round. Whether it’s for kids’ skating, a leisurely Sunday loop around, or a weekend Disco Night, ice skating is part of London’s social scene. There are plenty of indoor rinks that are open year round, but during the winter s...

The West End and Theater in London

London is world-renown for its thriving theater scene, having produced some of the world’s most celebrated and longest-running shows in history. Hand and hand with New York City’s Broadway, London’s West End features the crème de la crème of musical, dramatic, and comedic theatrical productions to entertain more than 13 million theatergoers every year. Some of theater’s biggest names hail from G...

Off the Beaten Path London

If you’ve visited London before, you’ve probably explored all of the main tourist attractions like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Trafalgar Square, but worry not—there’s plenty more to do in this city of 8.1 million.  Whether you’re a repeat visitor or you just prefer to do off-the-beaten-path activities when you travel, here is a list of other London activities to keep you busy! #1.  H...

Travel Tips in London

London Travel Tips

London is one of the most visited and vibrant cities in all of Europe—maybe even on the entire planet. There are countless guidebooks out there designed to give tourists “insider tips,” but just a few common sense rules and a clear picture of what you’d like to see and experience in this modern, yet incredibly historic, metropolis are all you really need to help get an insider’s view of London. ...

Where to sleep in London

Saving Money with London’s Best Budget Hotels

There’s no getting around it—visiting London can be expensive. With the astronomical exchange rate of the British Pound versus most foreign currencies, even the smallest expenses add up. From dining out to souvenir shopping, entrance fees for top attractions to taking in a West End theatrical production, budgeting for a trip to London is no small feat. If you plan on spending most of your tim...

Luxury hotels in London

London is filled with adventure and excitement with so many things to do and places to see. It’s also a great place to indulge in the finer things in life. From world-class shopping at Harrods to fine dining at Angler, London has all of the lavish experiences one would expect from a city brimming with royalty and celebrities. And its hotel accommodations are no exception. London is overflowing...

Nightlife in London

Traditional Pubs in London

London has hundreds of attractions to visit, filled with art, history, and culture, but there is another face of the city that makes up a huge part of its identity: pubs. Popping up across London and the countryside from as far back as the 1500s, pubs, inns, and taverns were meant to house and refuel travelers going to and from rural villages. Now a staple of the London entertainment scene, pubs...

Dining Out in London

As should be expected in any city as big and as metropolitan as London, there are, literally, tens of thousands of dining options to be explored. From fast food to high-end dinners, every budget, diet, and cuisine can be accommodated in London. The city’s main dining areas are the West End, Soho, Camden, and Islington, though you should be aware that these areas can also experience inflated me...

Going Out in London

Traditionally, Londoners have always held a nightlife marathon every evening, starting at one of the city’s fantastic restaurants, before hitting the pub, making their way to a bar, and then heading off to a nightclub. Now, though, all are gaining equal footing as pubs and bars are stepping up their game, adding elaborate food menus and live music to keep the crowds dancing all night long. For ...

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Palms Hotel Hornchurch

Palms Hotel Hornchurch
Southend Arterial Road, Hornchurch RM11 3UJ
26.9 Mi
5.0/5 - 90 Reviews
London Marriott Hotel ...

from 344
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London Marriott Hotel Park Lane
140 Park Lane
2.6 Mi
4.6/5 - 74 Reviews
London Guards Hotel Lo...

from 190
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London Guards Hotel London
36-37 Lancaster Gate, Lancaster Gate/ Paddington, ...
4 Mi
4.5/5 - 65 Reviews
Doubletree By Hilton L...

from 115
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Doubletree By Hilton London - Westminster
30 John Islip Street
1 Mi
4.4/5 - 96 Reviews
London Bridge Hotel Lo...

from 174
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London Bridge Hotel London
8-18 London Bridge Street
2.7 Mi
4.3/5 - 162 Reviews
Beauchamp Hotel London

from 191
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Beauchamp Hotel London
24-27 Bedford Place London WC1B 5JH
2.3 Mi
4.3/5 - 99 Reviews
Days Hotel London Nort...

from 60
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Days Hotel London North Formerly London Gateway London Mill Hill
Between Jct 2-4 Gateway, Services M1 Motorway, Mil...
16.6 Mi
4.3/5 - 93 Reviews
Park Plaza County Hall...

from 256
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Park Plaza County Hall Hotel London
1 Addington Street
0.7 Mi
4.3/5 - 110 Reviews
Millennium Hotel Londo...

from 367
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Millennium Hotel London Mayfair
44 Grosvenor Square, Mayfair
2.1 Mi
4.3/5 - 118 Reviews
St. James' Court, A Ta...

from 536
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St. James' Court, A Taj Hotel, London
45-51 Buckingham Gate
0.8 Mi
4.1/5 - 145 Reviews

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