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Featured hotels in Paris

Featured hotels in Paris


192 , rue de la Croix Nivert , parijs , fr , 75015
city center: 3.1 Mi
Nice Staff
The location of this hotel was the reason why we chose this place. The price was not too high and it was reasonable. The room was comfortable and the ...
Very good: 4.0
1 Reviews
from 101


108, Rue De Charenton Bastille , parijs , fr , 75012
city center: 1.4 Mi
Good place
My friend found this hotel and we stayed at this hotel for two days. There was no decoration at the hotel. It was plain and very to the point. The sta...
Very good: 3.9
8 Reviews
from 81


6 , rue Montgolfier , parijs , fr , 75003
city center: 0.7 Mi
Austin’s Arts Et Métiers Hotel Paris is a quaint Paris hotel in the center of Marais. Adjacent to the Museum and Conservatory of the Arts et Métiers, this comfortable hotel offers quiet, renovated gu...
Very good: 4.2
34 Reviews
from 120


10 , place de la République , parijs , fr , 75011
city center: 1 Mi
Situated in a unique, grand building, near Notre Dame, Montmarte, and the Eiffel Tower, Crowne Plaza Hotel Paris Republique is a comfortable hotel located in the city center of Paris. This newly reno...
Very good: 3.6
45 Reviews
from 181


12 , rue Saint-Didier , paris , fr , 75116
city center: 2.9 Mi
Offering 46 rooms in contemporary design, this hotel has the best and the most comfortable accommodation in Paris. Each room of this hotel is equipped with an air conditioner, a direct access phone, a...
Very good: 4.2
2 Reviews
from 175


221, Rue Saint Honoré , Paris, France , fr , 75001
city center: 1.1 Mi
Four stars of admirable service and very welcoming amenities greet guests of the Royal Saint Honore. Soundproofed rooms come with free Internet, heating and air conditioning. Flat screen TVs with sat...
Very good: 4.2
5 Reviews
from 229


4 , rue de Liège , parijs , fr , 75009
city center: 1.9 Mi
Just spent 5 nights at the New Hotel Opéra. Overall, the hotel served me and my family very well. The location was just excellent. The bars and coffee...
Very good: 4.0
1 Reviews
from 123


61 , rue Sainte Anne , paris , fr , 75002
city center: 1 Mi
The Hotel Baudelaire Opera Paris is in an area with shops, boutiques and side-street cafés. The warm colors and décor makes everyone feel at home. The hotel is in a 17th century building. The staff...
Very good: 4.4
5 Reviews
from 148

About Paris

city centerIf the melodic tinkling of a glass of wine and the allure of high fashion kidnaps you, it's time to find a hotel in Paris and start your holiday. Paris, the official European Capital of Fashion, is an eternal tourist attraction, bringing millions of visitors each year to see its famed sights, including the Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur, and Notre Dame. To deal with its always-increasing tourism, new Paris Hotels are constantly being built, giving you an ever-growing list of options that fit your needs. Unique to Paris, though, is that all of the different types of hotels are clustered together in the city. For example, in northern Paris, you will find luxury hotels, while the “hotels de charm” are in the southern part.

No matter where you stay or what type of accommodation you choose, visiting Paris will mean entering the beating heart of one of the first national states of the world. A living synonym for art, culture, fashion, style, and, last but not least, romanticism, Paris is a city where history and beauty share a unique bond. And the locals know it. Just a simple people-watching session in the Latin Quarter will give you the privilege to witness the Parisians strolling by, relaxed, confident, and totally in love with their city, which lives in its own space and time, suspended between an imperial past and a future that has Paris at its absolute center. With its gorgeous buildings like the Musee d’Orsay; its world-famous Louvre; its lush parks like the Tuileries Gardens; its majestic avenues such as the Champs-Élysées; and, of course, one of the world’s most famous landmarks, the Eiffel Tower, Paris breathes magic and atmosphere into every corner of the city.

Staying in one of the fantastic hotels of Paris is like going back through time, and the simplest encounter with hotel staff will demonstrate that hospitality in Paris is an art. With all of the hotel options in Paris, you won’t have any trouble finding a hotel that’s perfect for your trip. ProntoHotel will make the process easy, giving you a comprehensive list of hotel matches for the best rates available on the Internet.
Romantic walks along the promenade, beyond delicious cuisine, colorful fashion, art, and culture reach their pinnacle in Paris. Let ProntoHotel take you there with the best hotel deal on the perfect hotel for your Paris trip. No matter your budget, come and enjoy the passion, luxury, and extravagance of Paris!

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