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NovA Louka 21, 360 01 , karlovy vary , cz , 360 01
city center: 0.9 Mi


Stezka Jeana De Carro 4-6 , karlovy vary , cz , 360 01
city center: 0.9 Mi


Petra Velikého 16 , karlovy vary , cz , 36001
city center: 0.6 Mi


Vřídelní 86 / 15 , karlovy vary , cz , 36001
city center: 0.7 Mi


Sadova 16 , karlovy vary , cz , 360 01
city center: 0.5 Mi


Moravská 2/A , karlovy vary , cz , 306 01
city center: 0.9 Mi


Mariánskolázenská 23  , karlovy vary , cz , 36001
city center: 1 Mi


Olsova Vrata 210 , karlovy vary , cz , 36001
city center: 2.6 Mi

About Karlovy Vary

"Karlovy Vary, known as Carlsbad in the UK, is a city located in western Bohemia, in the Czech Republic. Famous for its glorious spas, it attracts a huge number of tourists and celebrities every year to experience its world renowned fitness centres and hot springs of which there are over 200 in total around the city, as well as the naturally warm and healing Tepla River.
Karlovy Vary Hotels (Carlsbad hotels) are rather grand, and many have their own splendid spas on site, offering a host of pampering treatments. If a 5 star luxury suite in a spa hotel is out of your budget, there are numerous smaller yet elegant hotels located around the centre of the city.
The hotels in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) have wonderful locations and stunning views, which is why many of them have featured in Hollywood movies, including ‘Casino Royale’.
Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) is particularly famous for its wonderful Communist architecture, as well as impeccably manicured parks, including the well known ‘Dvorákovy Sady’.
There is no shortage of things to do for adults and families alike who wish to escape the grind of daily life, and relax in beautiful and serene surroundings.

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Diana Lookout Tower
City Centre Karlovy Vary
Karlovy Vary Intl. Airport (KLV)