Where to Enjoy Nights in Havana

El Malecom

Are you ready for the revolution? Havana, the capital city of revolutionized Cuba, is ready to greet you with its exotic landmarks, warm people and outstanding nightlife experience.

Cuba is considered as one of many popular destinations in Central America. People usually come to this Caribbean country for some diving experience. There are a number of great diving sites around the shorelines. But besides the beautiful marine life, Cuba also has something else to offer.

While in Havana, you can catch some sights that witness the era of colonialism, capitalism and today’s socialism. Old yet exotic and fascinating buildings that characterize this city are wonderful with the presence of a lot of cheap hotels and modern clubs and cafes.
Here is a list of Havana’s best places to spend the night away:


Strip clubs were made RIP by the revolution, but stiletto worshippers can never be diminished. The Tropicana is Havana’s best place to enjoy cabaret shows just like those in Las Vegas.
Over 200 performers are ready to shake you in this open air club. Not only men, women also love to come to this club for some experience. The decoration is well crafted, the attractions are fabulous.
The entrance might be pricey but this historic cabaret club is really worth to visit. With a cigar and rum in hands, you can enjoy the cabaret show that greatly influences the performance in Las Vegas.

One of the most famous images of Havana

Casa de la Musica

Casa de la Musica is Havana’s best dance club. Those people who enjoy “Step Up” need to accumulate their guts before deciding to burn the floor. Bands in Cuba will kill to perform at this club. Don’t be shy if you come here. Just move your body and feet until midnight comes.

Taberna de la Muralla

This historic brewpub is located in the area of Old Havana. Dark brew and pilsner are this pub’s specialties. A 3 liter of dispensa could start a fun game for a group of drinkers. Ask the waitress to explain what dispensa is and how to play game with it.

Café Concierto Gato Tuerto

It is a popular spot to enjoy live music performance particularly from national singers and bands. Located close to the Hotel Nacional, this café is very easy to locate. It doesn’t have enough space for dancing and sometimes smokes are everywhere around the room, but pack yourself and just go straight to the upstairs restaurant to enjoy the night in Havana.

The classic car in Havana