Travel hints about activities in India

India is one of the more fascinating and charming countries in teh worlds thanks of its great culture and traditions.

There are a lot of cities that are worthy to be visited as they offer various attractions. Some of the most impressive and striking cities are Mumbai, Agra and Delhi as they are poverty-meets richness places. For instance you can easily find good hotels in Mumbai, especially in the south, while in Northen Mumbai you will barely find proper houses.

On the contrary staying in a good hotel in Delhi is pretty much easier there are so many hotels ranging from luxury to budget. You will need to have more time to enjoy everything in this country so that you will be able to taste the real India. Here are some activities you can do India:

Jain Temple – Mumbai

You can go to a famous religious site such as Jain temple. This temple is located in Mumbai. You will find that this temple is designed and decorated with wonderful items such as two stone elephants. The Ganesh images can also be seen at this temple. If you look at the dome ceiling, you will see there are signs of the zodiac. It is worth visiting this temple.  

Taj Mahal – Agra

Do not miss the chance to see Taj Mahal while in India. You need to see this site at least once. Take a look at its fine carved marble and also precious stone. Make your way here on a clear day before sunrise, as it will be hot and sunny there. If not, be sure to bring umbrella and also lightweight silk if you visit this site.

Once arrive, forget guidebooks, history an all the rest, but just spendi time gazing a this fantastic beauty.

The Red Fort – Agra

After visiting Taj Mahal, you can not go to this fort as it’ s strictly related to the temple. At first, from the hill where this fort is located you can admire the other site of the Taj Mahal The Red Fort is also included as one of historical buildings in India. The history said that the king who built Taj Mahal was arrested and imprisoned in this fort but he could still see Taj Mahal from this fort till his death. In 2007 the Red Fort was added by the UNESCO to the list of World Heritage Sites.

Chandni Chowk – Delhi

Visiting Chandni Chowk is also a nice adventure. Make sure to bring your camera since there will be a lot of spots to be captured here. You have to prepare for the most comfortable outfit and footwear. For a new traveler, this place is a chaos but you can find various places like central Baptist church which is the oldest church. Make sure you come to this area to get the feel of real India while in Delhi.

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