Summer in Buenos Aires

Since the Argentina capital of Buenos Aires is located in the southern hemisphere, summer there takes place from December through late March. This makes this wonderful city a perfect place to visit if you are from the northern hemisphere, as you can escape the winter cold and head for the winter warmth.  So while you may be enjoying summer now, this is the perfect time to start planning another summer getaway, this time during the freeze of winter.  A city influenced by Europeans, Buenos Aires is the most European city in South America.


There are many festivities surrounding holidays, including Christmas and New Year’s Eve. But if you’re from the northern hemisphere, remember–you’re not going to be opening gifts next to the fireplace but rather at the beach. Not only that, but there are tons of place to go sightseeing and lots of things to do in Buenos Aires.

Stay Cool!
There are several public pools throughout the area where you can take a cool dip in the hotter summer months. The largest is over by the coast in Belgrano at Parque Norte. There are separate areas for kids and adults and lots of water slides. Or maybe just get in off the street and take a breather in one of the air-conditioned venues in town.

MALBA offers visitors a chance to experience several collections of art from around the country, many depicting a local flair. Movies run on the campus of the museum to teach about the local life and history in the area. Evita Museum is an exhibition of Eva Perón’s life from childhood to wife of the President of Argentina on which the musical Evita is based. There are also rooms housing exhibits from the Peronist Movement that occurred in her adulthood.

DOT Mall is the premier location for shopping Buenos Aires. The flagship store is Falabella and there is also a 10-screen cinema. You can also find a fitness center with spa inside this structure that is built more like an office building than a shopping mall. There are several other malls, boutiques, and local shops throughout the city.

Points of Interest
You can have a great summer in Buenos Aires visiting several places of interest in the area. There’s really something for everyone.


La Boca
One of the most colorful neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, La Boca is known for its Caminito, a pedestrian street lined with a fantastic array of arts and crafts. You’ll also find the stadium of one of the biggest soccer teams in the country, Boca Juniors, here.

Puerto Madera
The old port of the city has been redeveloped with a huge American influence. Shopping, dining, offices, and apartments dot the area.

Reserva Ecologica
This 1000-acre area includes forests and wetlands. Much wildlife can be seen and you can hike or bike its trails. The views of the city’s skyline should not be missed!

San Telmo Sunday Fair
This huge fair is an attraction in the summer in Buenos Aires, stretching from Plaza Dorrego to Calle Defensa. Several touristy stalls mingle with the more serious art and antique dealers. Foods of all kinds accompany the international shoppers.

Cementerio de la Recoleta
A beautiful, yet mysterious, cemetery in a very swanky neighborhood. The tombs are all above ground and create a maze of beautiful sculptures and monuments. The above-mentioned Eva Perón is buried here.

Palermo Viejo District
Cobblestone streets harken back to yesteryear. Boutiques and bookstores break up the cafes.

Downtown Buenos Aires
The city was founded in 1570 and settled by the Spanish. A couple of centuries later, Europeans from France and Italy migrated as well leaving a good standing of gorgeous European architecture to admire. Once you are done walking around town, why not take a paddleboat ride or take in the exquisite gardens.


Let’s Go Tango!
If you’re in Argentina, you just can’t leave without dancing your heart out to an invigorating and sexy tango. Well, OK, if you can’t dance then at least go watch a show. This form of art was created here and Buenos Aires has plenty of studios where you can take on the challenge to learn to tango on your own. There are also boatloads of places where you can go watch a good troupe perform a tango or ten.

A Bit Further Down the Road…
If you plan your holiday right, you can actually take a daytrip or two to explore areas surrounding the city. Summer in Buenos Aires wouldn’t be complete without checking out at least one of these attractions. There are several tour companies and bus companies that can take you on your excursion.

As an example, you can spend a day from Buenos Aires to a ranch in the country and enjoy the Gaucho way of life. If that isn’t your cup of tea, then perhaps you would be interested in a rail tour to Tigre along the coast of Argentina. If you have plenty of time to recreate, then why not take a six-day trip into Patagonia, Bariloche, and the Lake District north of Buenos Aires? There are plenty of daytrip options!


There are a wide variety of restaurants where you may enjoy delectable foods. Of course, one of the foods Argentina is most famous for is the beef, but Spanish and Italian dishes are also menu mainstays. Fast foods in “walk through” restaurants include empanadas, chorizos, and milanesas. You can also find anything from Japanese to Arabic restaurants to frequent.  And while you’re there, don’t forget to try some of the national drink, mate, a tea sipped from a gourd through a metal straw.

A few of the top-rated restaurants that critics across the ‘net rave about where you can enjoy your summer in Buenos Aires include:
I Latina – Argentinean, Caribbean, Latin
Casa Mun – Sushi, Asian, Dim Sum, Korean
Casa Saltshaker – Mediterranean, International
Mullu – Peruvian

A Night on the Town
Tango clubs and dance clubs dominate the night. Smoke-filled bars with great music and booze also dot the nighttime landscape. You can also find some compelling theatre and opera in Buenos Aires making dinner and a show a fantastic way to spend the night out. Critics consider Fiesta Bubamara, Jet, Caix, and Ruml some of the best nightclubs in town. When it comes to playhouses, some of the best places to go are Asociación Argentina de Cultura Inglesa, Teatro Colón, and one of the best comedy clubs to hang out at is República de Acá.

What About Sleep?
Well, if you insist on sleeping and need a comfy place to wind down the day there many Buenos Aires hotels to make your summer stay a pleasant one. Luxury is at your feet at the Alvear Palace Hotel. A chain hotel, Howard Johnson, on Florida Street is quite affordable and the rooms come with mini bars and free buffet breakfast. For something a little different, you might enjoy Lina’s Tango Guesthouse with private or shared bath, dancing and continental breakfast included.

When it comes to summer in Buenos Aires, you really can’t go wrong. There’s so much to do and see! Escape the cold weather in the north and fly south for the summer!