The Top 10 Most Pet-Friendly Hotels Around the World

Kimpton pets

When planning a vacation, we always think of the smallest details, the best ways to travel, and the exact timing of every moment in order to get the most out of our itinerary.  But oftentimes, some of the important members of the family can get left behind: pets.

While you may not be able to include Fido and Fifi on every aspect of your family vacation, there is one part where, chances are, your furry friends are more than welcome.  Many hotels for family vacations are becoming more and more pet friendly, allowing family pets of near any shape and size in for a comfortable night’s stay.

You should expect to pay a fee at most pet-friendly hotels, but they are oftentimes minimal and just cover potential damage done by your pet.  But that shouldn’t discourage you.  Most hotels that allow pets do so because they love having pets on site, and many roll out the red carpet for your pooch or your parrot.  Here is ProntoHotel’s list of the best pet-friendly hotels around the world.

Two pet-friendly hotel chains top our list, and those are Kimpton and W.  Perhaps the most pet-friendly hotel chain on the planet, Kimpton Hotels has multiple US locations, all of which are pet-friendly.  From the Hotel Monaco in Alexandria, VA, to the Alexis Hotel in Seattle, all of the Kimpton hotels welcome pets—all pets.  That’s right, Kimpton doesn’t discriminate against pet weight, breed, or size and, to top it all off, they don’t even charge a pet fee!  Some of their hotels even feature a Director of Pet Relations, resident dogs who greet your pets with a friendly hello.  Special pet amenities include beds, snacks, doggy happy hours, and a list of other pet-friendly businesses nearby.

W Hotels also welcome pets with their P.A.W. (Pets Are Welcome) program, which includes a welcome basket, treats, a bed, food and water bowls, and even a special sign to hang on your door to let staff know your special friend is inside.  Some locations take pet friendliness a step further, offering doggy boot camp and yoga classes, in addition to turndown service with a snack.

meurice pets

One of the more luxurious hotels in Paris, Le Meurice, also allows pets in tribute to the dog that workers building the hotel in 1907 adopted and let live on site.  This pet-friendly Paris hotel provides pups with a welcome basket, a name tag, and a menu, plus the on-staff dog walker will take your pooch on a very scenic stroll through Tuileries Gardens.

California living is easy—especially for dogs at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego.  It’s there that puppies will be greeted with arms wide open, giving them a 5-star experience that includes options for a dog surfing lesson.

The Affinia Dumont is a pet-friendly hotel in New York City that gives pets a nice doggy bag to take home, including a canvas water bowl, a city-themed chew toy, and organic snacks.  The staff even employs a pet groomer and a pet psychic.

The Topnotch Resort is a pet-friendly hotel in Vermont that offers spa services to both you and your pet.  The Rover Reiki massage and a fleece-wrapped AeroBed are some of the amenities your pet can look forward to, in addition to a turndown service and a souvenir water bowl.

Milestone Hotel pets

The Milestone Hotel, a pet-friendly hotel in London, provides pets with plenty of choices, from duvets to cushions, treats to toys.  The London hotel’s animal-friendly rooms come complete with food and water bowls, and the staff can even provide a cake if it’s your pet’s birthday.

The Hughenden is a pet-friendly hotel in Sydney that features spa services for pets, including highlights, pedicures, and grooming.  Across the street, human and canine guests will enjoy spending time in the Centennial Parklands, a dog-friendly park in Sydney.

Pets can enjoy a vacation at hot springs while staying at the pet-friendly Japanese hotel Yufuin Garden Hotel.  Animals can get exercise in dedicated areas, in addition to the beautiful gardens that feature streams and lots of beautiful paths to explore.  And then there’s the dog-only hot spring bathing area, which is a relaxing spot for your 4-legged travel companion to unwind.

Our last best pet-friendly hotel is located in Scotland.  The Boat Hotel is in a fantastic location on Loch Garten, which your pet will love to explore or even just look at.  This pet-friendly hotel in Scotland provides pet-sitting and organic treats galore.

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