Most Popular Lake Getaway in United States

United States has various lakes in this country. Each lake has its own characteristic and natural beauty. If you live in States but haven’t seen the beauty of the lakes, you must come and visit them one by one.

These lakes are also the best destinations for photographers since the view was stunningly unusual with its color compositions. Some people think that the color of the water is brown so it is not nice but when the sun is in the right position, these lakes will look more alluring. Check out these five most loveable lakes in United States.

1. Bear lake

The view at the sunset

This lake is located in Rocky Mountain National Park. If youcome to this lake, you will also visit Estes Park, Colorado. The best time to visit this place is during winter. Wear your snowshoes and explore the area with your groups or friends. Find a nice offering coming from the ranger in this park for snowshoeing. You can join a group there if you haven’t had a group by yourself. Each group usually consists of 30 people. If you were lucky, you can walk on the frozen lake.

2.  White Rock

This lake is a nice place for family outing. You can just go picnic or having exercise together. The area is big enough to accommodate all your family members. Your children can go with their bikes and you can run together with your husband or wife. If you thirsty, you can have a drink at a water fountain in the course. While driving to this place, you will see various nice places since most of them are mansion. Around the lake there is Bath House Cultural Center where cultural activities are held. If you are a runner, you can participate in The White Rock Half Marathon once a year.

3. Crater Lake

The landscape of the lake

Located in Oregon, this lake is one of the best destinations for family trip in United States. If you drive your own car, go to the highest parking lot where you can see a stunning lake view. The rangers in this lake are very handy and helpful. They will take you to various places, explains about the animal lives there and may be a nice small boat tours for about $10 each person. The Wizard Island is waiting you’re your arrival. One day will not enough to explore the entire lake.

4.  Avalanche Lake

The view of the lake

Come to Glacier National Park, Montana. This lake is positioned on the west side of the Glacier National Park which has the best trail for hiking. Along your trip, you will be spoiled with the best scenery with greenery and nice small rivers. The trail for hiking is also easy and not too steep though there are some spots that should be climbed and a bit slippery. Everyone must be able to enjoy this adventure. You can have three hours hiking which is enough to enjoy the scenery.

There is no need to spend a lot of money to get a nice getaway out of the United States. You can just come to those nice four lakes to enjoy beautiful nature. It was affordable and quite fun.