Las Vegas. The Strip, Food and Shows


If when you visit Las Vegas you decide to stay on the Strip, where all the hotels and shops are located, you can easily get a transfer to your hotel from the airport and walk around for the days you are staying.

If on the other hand you do not want to only stay on the premises of the adult “wonderland”, where all you do is relax, party, dance, and have fun; then you will have to rent a car.

When you reserve your hotel in Las Vegas you may want to gather information on the restaurant at the hotel and the food service they have. Most likely it will be food that covers an array of culinary dishes. As for prices they range from budget prices to quite expensive ones. If the restaurant is high class and elegant, you know you are going to be paying more. The one place you can be sure to save on if that’s your idea regarding food, is the food courtyards on the Strip. You can always find food and a deal when you eat there.      

Before you go to Las Vegas you may want to check out all the shows and events that are going on while you are visiting. One example is the Cirque du Soleil show; if you don’t book in advance or know about it you may not get a chance to see it. If you are at least aware of the special events that are taking place, you can enjoy Las Vegas at its fullest. features a wide range of accommodation in Las Vegas, including the Las Vegas Marriott Suites Hotel.