Iconic Snack Foods Around the Globe

Every country and city around the world is home to a signature cuisine, but sometimes sitting down for a full-out meal either doesn’t suit your schedule or doesn’t suit your appetite.  That’s when you grab a snack.  From street carts outside of your hotel to hole-in-the-wall shops, some of the world’s best foods come in small, on-the-go packages.  Here are some of our favorites:

Masskrug und zwei Brezeln auf Tisch...

Nothing says Germany more than an oversized pretzel covered in mustard.  Grab a stein of famous German beer to accompany it!

For something sweet in Spain, grab a sugar-covered twist of fried dough magic from street vendors or at a café.  These churros will leave you craving more.

Locals and visitors alike go crazy for Pocky in Japan.  These long breadsticks are traditionally covered in chocolate, but you can also find flavored sugary coatings like strawberry, nababa, vanilla, grape.

nyc hot dog

On nearly every street corner in New York City, you’ll find a vendor selling the city’s famous hotdogs.  Throw on a few toppings like ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut, or relish to make it a meal.

Venezuelans snack on arepas, a flat cornmeal round stuffed with cheese, meat, or fish.  They’re perfect for a quick bite in between meals.

In Quebec, Canada, pack on a few extra layers of warmth with poutine, French fries smothered in gravy and cheese. Make sure you use a fork!


A favorite Chinese snack is the roast pork bun, which can be either steamed or baked.  These delicious little puffs of barbecued pork are irresistible.

Crepes and France go hand and hand, and the thin pancakes can be served with nearly every filing under the sun.  For a savory option, go with eggs and cheese, but for something sweet try whipped cream and jam.

In India, pakora are little deep-fried spheres of goodness filled with everything from eggplant to chicken, onion to cheese.

Grab a bag of bamba in Israel to munch on one of the country’s most praised snacks: peanut buttery corn puffs.


Belgian waffles are famous throughout the world for one reason: because they’re delicious.  Grab one from a Belgian street cart and ask for it covered with powdered sugar, whipped cream, fruit, or chocolate.

For a quick snack in Argentina, try an empanada. These little pockets of crispy dough are filled with everything from beef to corn, chicken to spinach.