How to Enjoy Berlin for Free


People love this word: “Free!” But traveling to some country or town requires money, right? Well, you need to pay for the transportation from your hometown and look for  Berlin hotels  you will stay at, but it is certainly possible that you can do lots of things for free in the town or country that you visit.

Let’s take one example. Berlin is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It cannot be considered as a cheap city, but if you know the cleft you may experience the city to the fullest without paying much for the cost. Here are some tips for you who want to have free things to do while in Berlin.

Hackescher Markt

The area where Hackescher Markt sits used to be a muddy swamp. It is not in the central part of the city, but it has many attractive spots including galleries and also street art. There are streets close to Auguststrasse that have the best gallery shops. When you are there on Thursday evening, you can get free wine and snacks during one opening show.

Berlin Wall

Most part of the Berlin Wall was demolished when East and West Berlin united in 1990. Today, the remains of the historical wall become one of the most often visited tourist spots in Berlin. Besides the great historical background, perhaps the free entrance also contributes to the situation in which thousands of tourists come to visit the wall every year.

The Reichstag

The building where the German Parliament holds meeting is also a popular tourist destination in Berlin that costs the visitors zero penny. The great thing is the Reichstag opens until midnight so when your schedule is already full at noon, you may visit in the evening. However, notice that the last entry is at 10 pm.

The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate was established in 1788 by the King Wilhelm II. Your trip to Berlin has not completed yet when you have not visited the superb gate. The gate has endured hard times like bombings and riots.

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