Haunted Hotels Around the World

They’re creepy and they’re cooky, they’re also very spooky. Who are they? The ghosts of haunted hotels! And with Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start planning a ghoulish getaway.

There is a myriad of hotels that span the globe claiming to have paranormal activity. Some of these properties go back centuries while others are from more recent eras. These haunts are great for everyday vacations or especially on Halloween.

hotel chelsea

Hotel Chelsea
New York, USA
Built between 1883 and 1885, this bohemian landmark has been home to many creative people—some of whom still lurk the halls. By staying at this haunted New York City hotel, you may see poet Dylan Thomas, as this is where he fell into his fatal coma and still has some unfinished business. You may also eye playwright Eugene O’Neill or writer Thomas Wolfe.

Otesaga Resort Hotel

Otesaga Resort Hotel
Cooperstown, New York, USA
This New York resort has existed for over a century and began as the Knox School for Girls (1920-1954), something which still has a strong hold on the property. Hear children playing and giggling on the third floor. Hear voices and see ghosts in the Glimmerglass Room. The television show Ghost Hunters has been to the property and has proven that these are not pranks but rather that this is indeed one of the many haunted hotels in America.    


Hawthorne Hotel
Salem, Massachusetts, USA
Located in what could possibly be the capital of Halloween, Salem, Massachusetts, there are tons of supernatural occurrences at the Hawthorne Hotel, two of which are predominant. Room 325 has a pair of hands that show up on occasion, owner unknown, and a woman has been seen wandering the 6th floor of the hotel. For those who like scary, this is one haunted hotel not to miss! Book way in advance to get a room in October as the entire town is taken over by ghost hunters and Halloween enthusiasts.

Stanley Hotel

Stanley Hotel
Estes Park, Colorado, USA
The ghostly goings on at this Colorado hotel was famous enough that Stephen King used it as inspiration for The Shining. He had stayed at the hotel onakasaka-weekly-mansion-apartments

La Posada de Santa Fe

La Posada de Santa Fe
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Once upon a time, this hotel was built by Abraham Staab as his Victorian Mansion family home. Mrs. Julia Staab, his wife, died here in her early 50s and still lives at the establishment on her otherworldly plain. Suite 100 is her bedroom, and its the original structure still stands. The staff at this Santa Fe hotel apparently thinks she’s friendly; they always invite her to the parties.


Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
Banff, British Columbia, Canada
If you ask the management, they will tell you there are no such things as ghosts and therefore, their hotel has none. Of course, guests will tell you different because they have definitely seen the apparitions that make this a truly haunted hotel in Canada. Located in the Canadian Rockies, and close to Lake Louise, this is a prime destination for many. While here, you will have the opportunity to meet a bride who is said to have been killed in an accident right before walking down the aisle. You can also say “hi” to Sam McAuley, a happy-go-lucky bellhop who loved working at the Banff Springs Hotel so much, he does so even from his ethereal plain. He will help you with your bags and disappear before you have a chance to tip him.

Talbot Hotel oak staircase

Talbot Hotel
Oundle, Northamptonshire, England
This haunted hotel in England has quite the history. What started out as a basic carriage inn has turned into a royal haunting hotspot. Just up the road once stood Fotheringay Castle, the birthplace and final resting place of King Richard III. Furthermore, it was also where Mary queen of Scots was tried and beheaded. After her execution, her children ordered the castle be demolished, and the Talbot Hotel ended up with much of the former castle’s building materials, including the stonework and the oak staircase. The latter is what is said to make Talbot Hotel in Oundle one of the best haunted hotels in the world. History has is that the Queen of Scots walked this stairway en route to her execution, and, to this day, she haunts the Talbot. Her portrait will fly across the room, or perhaps you’ll find furniture has been moved. On occasion, you will see her on the staircase as well.


Ballygally Castle Hotel
Larne, Northern Ireland
This particular castle was built in 1625 and has had several owners, including James Shaw, who took it upon himself to imprison his wife, Lady Isobel, in the turret room after she had crossed him. The reason for the upset is murky—perhaps she committed adultery or maybe she couldn’t give him a male heir. Whatever it was, Shaw left her there. Starved, she flung herself from the window to the ground far below. But Lady Isobel has yet to cut herself loose from her castle. You may find her knocking on your door in the wee hours of the morning or see her roaming the halls of this haunted Ireland hotel. Apparently Lord James was poisoned some years later and he is also said to wander his home to this day. Madame Nixon is another ghostly guest and don’t be surprised to hear the haunting laughter of children.

Rome haunted hotel

Hotel Castello della Castelluccia
Rome, Italy
Life in Rome certainly goes back much further than the 11th Century renovated castle known as Castello della Castelluccia. Many people have owned the property over its hundreds-year-old history—the aristocratic Orsinis, Mutis, and Odelskanis are but a few. Francesco Marconi even owned it once. Three ghosts wander the halls of this haunted hotel in Rome, including that of Emperor Nero, who has been seen in the gardens. Horses also flow through the air of this paranormal property in Rome.


Akasaka Weekly Mansion
Tokyo, Japan
There are many haunted hotels in Japan, and this is one of the most haunted. This is an extended stay apartment hotel where guests feel ghostly hands upon their bodies, see apparitions, and experience otherworldly mists.

From one corner of the world to the other, the paranormal exists. Those who don’t want to leave their former lives sometimes stay at these haunted hotels and become permanent ghostly guests ready to scare—or perhaps entertain—curious visitors.