Easter Celebrations Around the Globe

With the Easter season upon us, stores around the globe are filling up with enormous chocolate egg, pastel bunnies, and marshmallowy little chicks. While the world’s biggest Easter celebrations take place in Rome (which will probably be even bigger this year with the new pope), cities and towns across the globe have each come up with a way to celebrate the holiday—be it by collecting colorful eggs or having a picnic on Easter Monday. You may be familiar with how your country celebrates Easter, but we bet you’ve never heard of some of these holiday traditions from around the world.

Water Fights

What started out as a ritual to bring fertility to young women, the tradition of young men throwing water at young women has evolved into water fights of massive proportions. While you can still see the traditional waterworks in Hungarian cities like Holloko and Mezokovesd, where the participants dress in traditional clothing, you can partake in the liquidy action in Poland on Easter Monday. Bring a poncho or stay inside of your Poland hotel if you don’t want to get wet!

Witches in Sweden
Be on the lookout for witches on Easter in Sweden. Based in a tale that witches used to fly over churches on their brooms, children in the western part of the country now dress up as witches and go door to door, asking for candy in a Halloween-meets-Easter tradition.

A City-Wide Reinactment
While cities across the planet put on parades recreating the passion, Iztapalapa, Mexico, takes things to the next level, attracting about one million spectators every year for an elaborate reenactment of Christ’s final hours. Featuring nearly every town resident, the play is one of Mexico’s most famous Easter events.

Underwater Easter Egg Hunt

Every year, the owner of Atlantis Dive Center in the Florida Keys  dons a bunny suit and heads underwater, hiding brightly-colored Easter eggs among Horseshoe Reef. Scores of divers, both adults and kids alike, then jump in, grabbing as many eggs as they can while they search for the prize-winning Golden Egg. Proceeds go to charity.

Egging You on in Latvia
A popular Easter game in Latvia is taking a colorful, hard-boiled egg and tapping it against a friend’s, wide ends first and then the narrow ends. If yours breaks, you’re out, and whoever’s egg can withstand the tapping will be declared the winner!

An Omelet in France

Every Easter Monday, chefs in Haux, France, crack open over 5,000 eggs to fry up a monstrous omelet big enough to feed 1,000 people. With hundreds of pounds of bacon, onion, and garlic to go along with it, this omelet will definitely fill you up!