Cheap Vacation to Madrid

The Royal Palace

European vacation sometimes always deals with high budget because everything that is offered to you is in high price. This also happens in Madrid. Madrid is not cheap. The local residents often think that all tourists are rich and able to buy most expensive stuffs in their shops. Even ticket fare for bus, taxi and trains are too high.

How to avoid it? Of course, first of all you need to be really wise. Never think that you will spend your credit card in Madrid. It is better for you to arrange your budget well before going for vacation to Madrid. The places you go and they stuffs you buy should fit well with your budget. Hotels and inns in Madrid are in first class. Ask yourself first if you have enough money to pay it or not. If not, then you should browse the information about cheap Madrid hotels from internet or ask the local travel guide. Although you come to Madrid to have fun, it doesn’t mean that you go without any plan. Everything needs plan including when you decide to walk on the small streets and alleys in Madrid.

Then you need to decide the places you go. Madrid is wide and there are so many tourists’ spots you could find there. You will be confused if you don’t decide where you go from now on. Take a paper and a pen. Think about your budget, the number of people belongs to you, how many days you will spend there and the places you go.

If it’s possible then you could stay in some cheap but strategic hotels in Madrid. This is easy to find but you need to walk away and ask Madrid’s residents one by one. Spanish could be the important key here but most of them understand English too, so be cool although you do not know Spanish well.

Choose any hotel located near Plaza de Anna. Why? This outdoor restaurants has nice view of Madrid’s city so when you eat your breakfast, you could see people walk passing by and a part of Madrid buildings. In spring till summer, Plaza de Anna is going to be full of tourists eating Spanish food. Plaza de Anna is affordable. You don’t need to spend many Euros to buy food here.

Why don’t you try to ride double-decker bus to see Madrid in a different way? You don’t need to walk around the street to watch the beautiful buildings because you need to buy some Euros to ride this kind of bus. In spring, summer and autumns, double-decker bus is going to be a nice option for everyone who has limited budget to go to Spain.

The most important spot in Spain is Royal Palace of Madrid. To enter this stunning building, you just need to pay for about eight Euros per person. Royal Palace of Madrid is suitable for you if you are a lover of historical buildings and museums. Photos are allowed. This news will be great for you the photo lovers because you could take photo in many spots inside Royal Palace.

In the end, when you feel tired just sleep in inns or hotels Madrid. Remember that money always talks. Don’t be shocked if you get limited facilities because you only pay cheaply for a hotel room you have booked.

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