Enjoying an Unconventional Stay at a Cave Hotel

When you want to go on an exciting vacation, there are many options for hotel accommodations. Traditional hotels can give you the comforts of home while you go out and explore the area around you, and then there are alternative hotels that carry the adventure all the way through your entire vacation. Cave hotels are a great example.

Cave hotels are just what they sound like: a hotel whose guest rooms are hewn into rock. Some are underground while others are above ground. They also may have been built based upon ancient traditions. There are several cave hotels around the world to choose from, therefore there is a range of pricing available for most budgets.

Sant Angelo Matera

If you feel like an Italian holiday, then perhaps you would be interested in staying at Hotel Sant’Angelo.  This cave hotel in Matera, in the Basilicata region of Italy, boasts amazing views of the town, sassi, and the cathedral.  The on-site restaurant and the rooms are all carved out of limestone and have sleek, sexy vibe to them.  Matera has been continually inhabited for centuries and even the center of town is carved into the stony hillsides. Matera has also been name a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was the setting of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.


Another wonderful example of cave hotels is found around the world in the United States. The Grand Canyon Caverns at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona isn’t exactly a spa experience like our previous suggestion. It’s a bit more rugged here. The cave hotel’s suite is touted as the largest, deepest, darkest hotel room as it is located 220 feet underground. There are actually 48 rooms in this Arizona cave hotel and they stay pretty dry with filtered air and limestone walls.

les hautes roches4

A great cave hotel in France is located in Rochecorbon and is situated within an old monastery. Les Hautes Roches consists of 15 rooms with only three of them above ground. The remainders are cave dwellings. The bar in the hotel is actually set in rock as well. You can head upwards for the terrace, pool, and restaurant and head back under for sleep and relaxation.



In Cappadocia, Turkey, there are numerous cave throughout the area. Homes as well as hotels have been set up within these natural structures. Many of the dwellings are quite ancient, going back to, at the very least, Biblical times. Kelebek Special Cave Hotel is one of the top cave hotels at which to stay. Originally this Turkey cave hotel was a family home but has since turned hotel with rooms in both the caves and chimneys.


Coober Pedy, Australia, has an interesting cave hotel called The Underground Motel. This area of Australia is known for its opal mining. This underground hotel is set in a sandstone hill and comes with standard rooms and suites. An outdoor veranda and windows are included with each room at this Australian cave hotel.

As you can see, cave hotels can be hewn from natural formations, within natural formations, and from the rock of the mountains and hills. Even though you’re staying in a cave, you don’t have to worry about roughing it. Most of these fantastic cave hotels feature the most modern amenities, including satellite TV, WiFi, spas, AC/heat, and luxurious bathrooms. For a completely unique hotel accommodation, look into staying at a cave hotel.