Carnevale Around the World

It’s Time to Party!
Carnevale Celebrations Around the World

Every year, partygoers flock to a few cities around the globe to celebrate in the streets.  Feathers, parades, costumes, dancing, music, glitz, and glam are just a few of the characteristics of international Carnevale celebrations. From Rio to Venice, New Orleans to Montevideo, thousands gather to have one last hurrah before Lent, the period of fasting and reflecting before Easter.  Here are the best Carnevale celebrations around the globe and our top picks for places to stay in each one!


Venezia Carnevale

Along with Rio, Venice hosts the biggest Carnevale celebration on the planet.  With concerts in its main piazzas, masked maidens making their way from one gala to the next, people dressed in elaborate costumes taking photos with tourists, and children tossing confetti into the air, Venice Carnevale is one not to be missed.  Hotels in Venice, which can be pricey any time of year, fill up quickly during Carnevale, but ProntoHotel’s low rates at these fantastic hotels will leave you with a few more Euro to spend on a fancy mask!

Rio de Janiero
Feathers, glitter, and lots of barely-dress women—those are the images that most people associate with Rio de Janiero’s Carnival.  And the craziest part is, it all happens in just a matter of four days!  From Samba dancing to drum playing, amazing floats to elaborate costumes, Rio’s Carnival is an experience not to be forgotten!   The highlight of the event is the Samba Parade, which takes place at the Sambodromo, a specially-built arena whose grandstands are always sold out!

New Orleans

New Orleans Carnevale
Don your purple, green, and gold and get ready to catch some beads during New Orleans’ Mardi Gras celebration–the biggest of its kind in the United States of America.  With over 60 parades, enormous floats, countless balls, and lots of King Cake for more than a month, Mardi Gras in The Big Easy hits its peak on Fat Tuesday, with thousands of people lining Bourbon Street, ready to party.

Uruguayans take celebrating Carnaval to a whole new level, stretching out their party for over 40 days.  Beginning and ending with giant parades, the Montevideo Carnaval is full of murgas, lively performances filled with song and dance, and llamadas, exciting drum parades.