Best Tourist Destinations in Portugal

Do you need a break? Are you planning a getaway? Do you want travelling without spending a fortune?

Well….if you’ve answered yes to all these questions you shall go through this article and once read it, you’ll definitely end to dream about visit Portugal!Portugal, in fact, has the basic requirements to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The country has tremendous beaches, pristine islands, fabulous historic remains and scenic views to mention a few of the most magnetic factors of this country.

If you plan to visit Portugal, don’t miss these best destinations that promise memorable experiences for the visitors.


This is the first best destination we suggest you. In the Southern Portugal the Alentejo’s rural area, is great for those who want to relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The presence of coastlines and sandy beaches with silent pine and oaks forest produce a great combination of Alentejo landscape. The residents here seem very enjoying their life. No traffic jams, no shouting mad people. As well as all the others places in Portugal,is easy to find cheap hotels in Alentejo,  so that you can decide to have a road trip in this region and visit city as Porta Alegre, Evora, Beja.

The Algarve

Another reason why to visit Portugal is going to Algarve, rewarded as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Portugal. The Algarve’s beaches are among the best in the world and you can actually choose among a wide range of variety according to the kind of journey you’re looking for. The beaches range from hidden, family, those where you can enjoy water sports or those suitable for relaxing. While Alentejo is a place to visit if you want to relax, the Algarve is ideal if you want to have fun, go to parties and meet people. But you can also avoid the crowd by choosing to visit Albufeira that offers numerous outdoor activities like water sports and golfing. Enjoying the sun on the beach could be a great getaway for newlywed couples. There are a lot of hotels in Algarve  among which you can choose that matching your expectations.


If you decide to visit Portugal you must go to Lisbon!! As the capital city of the country, Lisbon is the centre of entertainment, business activity and leisure. You can stay here about 4 days, each day visiting a different attraction. You can have a walk through Alfama, the most ancient area in Lisbon and visit the Castle, listening to the Fado while having a dinner in a cafe, or going to Belem and visiting the amazing Geronimous Monastery:  Besides that, there so many museums and cathedrals to see in this city. A number of former convents have been turned into hotels in Lisbon

The Azores

While visiting Portugal you shouldn’t miss The Azores. It consists of 9 astonishing volcanic islands that stretch across the Atlantic Ocean. The scenic views are amazing with the friendly villages. Springs are everywhere. Surfing enthusiasts can try Santa Maria to surf off the Praia do Formosa. The islands in the centre part, Pico, Faial and Graciosa, provide fantastic geological attractions. In here, you can also try to climb the highest mountain in the country, Ponta de Pico. An example of how Portugal and Azores is cheap you can stay in a four star hotel by spending less than 50€


The last best destination suggested is Madeira. Well maybe you’d better to go in summer time but the weather is so warm that even late in march you can enjoy its beaches. Moreover visit Madeira in Spring time could be a good idea s you can take advantage of the lo rates of the hotels in Madeira.  Madeira is the best place in Portugal to enjoy the sandy beaches along with the valleys and cliffs. Funchal in Madeira is also a popular attraction in the country with the most lively fish markets you will ever see.