Best Places to See Celebrities’ Ghosts

Meeting a celebrity is a dream come true for some people. But what if the celebrity comes in the form of spirit?

Sure, you can’t ask a dead celebrity for an autograph. And you may need to have a certain nerve to ask him/her for some pictures snapped together.  However, meeting a celebrity spirit can be a nice experience those interested in paranormal activities–or just want a little scare.  In case you are one of them, check out this list of haunted celebrity hot spots.

The Hemmingway Home and Museum

Hemingway in Key West You’ve certainly heard about Ernest Hemmingway and probably read some of his books for your final English exam. And you may even know that the writer committed suicide in his Idaho house.  But it might come as a surprise that Hemingway’s spirit is said to come back to his house in Key West, Florida, where the world-class author lived most of his life. People say they sometimes hear Hemmingway typing in the room where he wrote To Have and Have Not–yet there’s no typewriter in the room. Others have seen him playing with some of the 60 cats that roam the property–all descendents from the 16 kitties he had when he was alive.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Marilyn Monroe Suite Located in Los Angeles, this hotel reportedly has two dead celebrities dwelling inside. It’s said that Marilyn Monroe often appears in the mirror that used to hang in her suite (it’s since been moved to another room in the hotel).  And actor Montgomerry Clift’s ghost is reportedly often heard rehearsing for his film. Clift stayed in room 928 while filming From Here to Eternity.  When he’s bothered by those staying in that room, he reportedly chases them out by blasting the heat, turning on the radio, and even shoving the guests.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Hollwood Forever A number of Hollywood legends have been laid to rest in this cemetery, including directors Victor Flemming (The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind) and Cecil B. Demille (The Greatest Show on Earth and The Ten Commandments). But the celebrity who is said to haunt this place the most is actor Clifton Webb, who has been seen in the Abbey of the Psalms where he was buried.

Pantages Theater

pantage3 The Pantages Theater was part of Howard Hughes’s property. Hughes, a controversial yet genius celebrity who engineered airplanes, bought airlines, and directed controversial movies, purchased RKO Studios, which included the Pantages, to fulfill his affection for theater. Though he died in 1976, Hughes has been seen walking through walls, almost always accompanied by the smell of cigarette smoke.

The Dakota

Dakota - John Lennon People recognize the Dakota as one of the oldest apartment buildings in New York City. Opened in 1884, this apartment is most famous as being the place where John Lennon was shot by Mark David Chapman. Since then, many people have claimed to have seen Lennon’s ghost roaming in the halls.