About the Travel Blog at prontohotel.com

Whether you want to know about the latest hotel openings, or you need help in finding the perfect place for your next vacation; the travel blog here at prontohotel.com has everything you are looking for. From travel industry news, to destination ideas, upcoming festivals and handy tips to make your vacation even easier, our writers have it all covered here in our blog.

Why read the blog at prontohotel.com?

You may already have your dream vacation planned, but did you know about the fun children’s festival that will happen during your visit? You may know where you want to go, but do you know when might be the best time for visit? Or maybe you have no idea where you would like to go for your next vacation, and just want to get some great ideas. Whether you love wine, food, theatre, sports, theme
parks, outdoor adventures, or anything else under the sun, the travel blog here at prontohotel.com has it all. Find out about new hotels, great places to visit, and where you should plan to ski, swim, hike or dance, all in one convenient place.

Where do we get our ideas?

At prontohotel.com, we love to travel. We are always looking at news and events all around the world, and we have a global team of writers, who are on top of new hotels, new restaurants, and great deals to be had all around the world.

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