A New Florence Luxury Hotel Joins the City’s Ranks

When you are in Italy, you always expect the very best. Especially in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, how is it possible to have or expect anything less than the best hotels, service, and food that Italia has to offer? If you have been looking for the ultimate in luxury, you will be very happy to know that there are many Florence hotels which will serve your most decadent fantasies and still leave you impressed with the quality and the posh surroundings.

florence four seasonsAt the Four Seasons in Florence, you will be able to get all that you imagine and more. All of their rooms are befit with Baroque furniture in sumptuous mahogany and with locally crafted rugs in vibrant colors. You can also expect goose down comforters and pillows, 24-hour room service, and your own personal butler if you request one. The Four Seasons also boasts marble bathrooms, deep plunge tubs, and walking gardens to ensure that you are able to live it up while taking in the inspiring view around you.

st regisThe St. Regis in Florence is equally a marvel, to ensure that you are able to spend your time there in the lap of luxury. If you have been looking for the best in cocktails, handcrafted food, and the best dining in the city, it is here. With some of the most highly awarded surroundings and on the Arno River itself, you are right next to the Ponte Vecchio, which is the heart of the city and the shopping district. The building itself was also designed by Brunelleschi and boasts the most gorgeous murals and frescoes to be found in the city. Consider the St. Regis the perfect marrying of culture, beauty, and art.

villa coraIf you are looking for something that is a bit more private and traditional, you can also go to the Villa Cora, a historic villa from the 15th Century, which offers one of the most beautiful and exclusive experiences you can have outside of Florence. You will be able to have access to the heart of the city as well as a 5-star experience and 5-star restaurants.

portrait firenzeNow, a brand new luxury hotel in Florence is opening.  Called Portrait Firenze, it is designed by the exclusive and talented Michele Bonan and focuses on adding the level of elegance that any executive would expect when traveling, also offering the best of modern convenience, ensuring that the best of the old and new can be enjoyed equally. The style of the designer is called “aristocratic,” and no expense has been spared to ensure that is the case. The hotel, located right next to the Ponte Vecchio, will be opening in May 2014 and will feature amenities such as Carrara marble bathrooms, a pillow menu, Ferragamo toiletries, vintage furniture, and satin bedding.  The hotel’s Lifestyle Team will cater to guests’ every need, while the Portrait Caffe will offer a gorgeous spot to grab a coffee or a snack right on the Arno River.

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