5 Bizarre Hotels in Europe

Even though hotels are merely a place for people to sleep in when visiting a new destination, there are times where you could be travelling to that particular destination to experience the hotel itself. There are at least 5 hotels in Europe that have been defined as bizarre and are worth a stay at least once when visiting the European destination.

Our first stop is Switzerland with the Null Stern Hotel. This hotel is a zero star hotel and it is bizarre because it is in the underground space of an apartment block. The hotel’s doors and structure is made in such a way that it can withstand a chemical or nuclear explosion.

Your second Europe stop is Austria at the Das Park Hotel which is an accommodation made from drain pipes. The guestrooms are comfortable and have bed, closet, light, and blankets; while for bathroom, drinks and food they can be found in the surrounding space.

Germany and the Hotel IM Wasserturm is third on our list. This hotel is in a structure that was once the largest water tower in Europe. Your next trip will be to Switzerland at the Jumbo Hostel where you get to sleep in a real jumbo jet.

The last bizarre hotel in Europe we want to mention is the Goldfish Hotel at the Amsterdam Airport. Here guests can drop off their goldfish and let them hang out with other goldfish in the hotel’s tank, while on your Amsterdam vacation. The hotel is a 5 star hotel and has numerous facilities that will make your stay very cozy and perfect. The trip to any of these hotels in Europe will blow your mind away not only because of the beauties you get to discover on your vacation, but for the interestingly different accommodation structure.